Notebook Learning Center

Welcome to our Learning Center

​Here at Notebook, we know how important it is for parents to feel their children are safe when leaving their child in the care of others. Every child will have one primary teacher. While at the center, children will acquire skills developed through hands-on learning in many areas.

Our Classrooms

Our Classrooms are designed according to developmental levels not always age.  

  • Nursery       (Newborn - 11 months)

  • Ones           (11 months - 21 months)

  • Twos          (21 months - 36 months)

  • Early Start   (Potty Trained - Age 4)

  • Preschool    (Age 4 to Kindergarten)

Community Resources

Monthly Center Newsletter

The Center sends out a Newsletter monthly to inform parents of upcoming events and current news. We provide nutritional guidelines and information along with center updates.

Annual Yard Sale

The Center has an annual yard sale in October to help raise money for specific goals. We ask the parents for donations to help support the center or the parents have the option of setting up their own both to make money themselves. We only ask a small fee for set up to go towards the yard sale. We have food, drinks and snacks for individuals and even include a bounce house for the children while their parents shop. Hope to see you there.

Building Outdoors

Exploring the outdoors.