The Notebook Learning Center reaches out to help all families in need. We are here to put a plan in place for your child's education and development. As a team we will accomplish goals for each child. Communication is essential to all families and we strive to ensure this happens with "Daily Notebooks". We have been in business since 2008. 

We are also part of the Kentucky All STARS program. We currently have a (5) Five STAR Rating. This is the highest rating you can receive with in the program. STARS is a voluntary quality rating improvement system for Licensed Childcare programs. Ratings are from one to five STARS. A childcare's participation in KY ALL STARS indicates that the program's staff wish to measure quality indicators above those standards required by licensing regulations. ​​




My name is Dana Bixler, founder of Notebook Learning Center, LLC. I developed this center out of my own frustration with childcare. I have been married to my husband, Rich since 1984. My husband and I were foster parents for six years and later adopted six of our eight children through the Special Needs Adoption Program (SNAP). As my children have grown and are adults now; I feel we have done our best in preparing them for adulthood. Five of whom have graduated from high school, have gone on to further their education in college.
I have made it my goal to educate myself in the field of “Special Education” so I can help my grandchildren grow to their fullest potential. Along the way, I discovered there are many parents who have the same frustrations as myself, and I wanted to create a system from which all of us can learn.

Assistant Director


My name is Heather Schelonzek.